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Home Massage Service Employee Policy
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    Home Massage Service Employee Policy

    1. Recruitment and Training

    • Recruitment Requirements: Employees must have a valid massage therapy certification, at least one year of experience in therapeutic massage, and a clean background check.
    • Training: All new employees must undergo internal training on service procedures, hygiene standards, and customer communication skills.

    2. Work Regulations

    • Working Hours: Employees must arrive on time at the client’s specified location. Working hours can be flexible but must adhere to the pre-arranged schedule.
    • Uniform: Employees must wear clean, neat uniforms and display their employee ID during working hours.

    3. Code of Conduct

    • Professionalism: Employees must maintain a professional, courteous, and respectful attitude towards clients at all times.
    • Confidentiality: Client personal information must not be disclosed to any third party without the client’s consent.
    • Safety and Hygiene: Follow hygiene regulations, correctly use health care equipment and products. Ensure the workspace is clean before and after each therapy session.

    4. Compensation and Benefits

    • Basic Salary: Paid hourly or per therapy session, with the rate agreed upon in the employment contract.
    • Bonuses: Employees may receive bonuses based on customer reviews, the number of clients served in a month, and other criteria set by the company.
    • Allowances: Employees may receive allowances for travel expenses, phone, and work tools.

    5. Protection and Welfare

    • Insurance: The company provides health insurance and accident insurance for all employees.
    • Leave: Employees are entitled to annual leave, sick leave, and public holidays according to the law.
    • Psychological Support: Provide psychological support for employees facing stress and work pressure.

    6. Discipline and Complaint Handling

    • Discipline: Employees violating company policies will be disciplined according to regulations, including warnings, fines, or termination.
    • Complaint Handling: All complaints from clients or employees will be addressed promptly and fairly.

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