Employee Rights Protection Policy for Home Massage Service (English)

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Employee Rights Protection Policy for Home Massage Service (English)
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    1. Working Conditions

    • Safe Working Environment: Ensure a safe and reasonable working environment for employees when working at clients' homes.
    • Equipment: Provide necessary tools and equipment for employees to perform their job.

    2. Salary and Bonuses

    • Basic Salary: Pay salaries on time according to the signed contract, ensuring the minimum wage as stipulated by law.
    • Bonuses: Bonuses based on work performance, positive customer feedback, and work achievements.

    3. Insurance and Benefits

    • Health Insurance: Provide health insurance to employees to protect their health while working.
    • Accident Insurance: Ensure employees are covered by work accident insurance.
    • Other Benefits: Benefits such as leave, maternity leave, and other benefits as required by law.

    4. Training and Development

    • Initial Training: Provide initial training for employees on professional skills, work processes, and safety regulations.
    • Career Development: Support employees to participate in advanced training courses, workshops, and career development programs.

    5. Safety and Health

    • Safe Working Conditions: Ensure employees work in a safe and hygienic environment.
    • Health Checkups: Regular health checkups for employees to ensure they are fit to perform their duties.

    6. Legal Rights

    • Employment Contracts: Sign clear and transparent employment contracts with clauses protecting employees' rights.
    • Complaint Resolution: Establish a fair and transparent process for resolving employee complaints.

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